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This Cancellation and auto-renewal policy is applicable for the Licensees under the Synergy Core Native End User License agreement. The provisions of this policy are part of the body of the Synergy Core Native EULA, but are also set out in this separate document for easier visibility by our customers.


  1. Auto-renew
    The Membership License will automatically be renewed for another term equal in duration to the initial term until your membership is canceled or terminated in accordance with this Agreement.
    Antelope Audio will provide you notice of renewal 3 (three) days before each automatic renewal date.
  2. Membership fee for renewed period
    Antelope Audio reserves the right to change the fees for each renewal term by notifying the Licensee thereof. Antelope Audio will notify You if there is any increase of the renewal fee from the immediately previous Membership License fee by email at least twenty (20) days before any such increase.
  3. Charging the membership fee for the renewed period
    You will automatically be charged the Membership fee within the first 24 hours as of the start of each renewed period (i.e., every month in the case of monthly Membership or each year in the case of annual Membership).
    Licensee authorizes Antelope Audio to charge Licensee for the Required Payment for each renewal term using any Acceptable Payment Method associated with Licensee’s account. If Required Payment is not successfully settled, due to expiration, insufficient funds or otherwise, Antelope Audio may suspend Your License unless and until payment becomes successfully settled.You will receive notice to the provided e-mail address for upcoming renewal and charging of your payment method after the renewal period begins.! Payments are non-refundable, except as expressly required by applicable law. If You do not want to be charged, please cancel your membership before the expiration of the current membership period.
  1. Canceling the auto renewal function
    You may cancel the auto-renewal of membership license at any time!
    You must cancel before the applicable renewal date to avoid the charge. Cancellation and management of your Membership License is available at To cancel a Membership License, use “Cancel” button to turn auto-renew off in your account. Your current Membership License will be active until the expiration date. You can turn on auto-renew before the end date to continue your Membership License. If your Membership License lapses for any period due to non-renewal or failure to pay applicable fees when due, You will lose your right to continue using the Software and to access support services.

II. Cancelation of Trial license 

With Trial Licenses, Licensee has the right to Use an evaluation copy of the Software on a short-term basis for free to evaluate whether You wish to acquire the right to use such Software under a Membership License.

! Applying for your Trial License is an integral part of the membership ordering process for the Membership licenses if the chosen type of Membership license is linked to a Trial. You will order a Membership License with a EUR/USD 0.00 initial payment for the Trial period.

If You are not satisfied and decide not to use the Software You will need to “Cancel” your membership before the charging date. You may cancel your membership as determined in Section I, item 4 above.
If You fail to cancel the membership before the date specified at the ordering date your Payment method will be charged with the designated amount. Payments are non-refundable, except as expressly required by applicable law. If You do not want to be charged, please cancel your subscription before the expiration of the Trial period.

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